Traveling Trees and Plants…

It’s that time of year when people are considering travel. Of course, 2020 has panned out very differently to recent years; some of us may be reading this in the local paper whilst on our holiday – welcome to our beautiful county of Carmarthenshire! Or perhaps we are planning trips with our families to visitContinue reading “Traveling Trees and Plants…”

Heronries in Carmarthenshire

This is the unedited version of an article I wrote for last week’s Carmarthen Journal. I have also added some photos and background information that was not included in the article. I also put the joke back in that the journal edited out – apologies for that! “Is it a siege or a sedge ofContinue reading “Heronries in Carmarthenshire”

Belonging…or what’s in a name? And can Manx Shearwaters understand Welsh?

So where does the Manx Shearwater belong? I think of it is as a Welsh bird, in fact most of the UK’s Manx Shearwater population lives around the islands off Pembrokeshire – most notably Skomer and Skokholm which are home to around 300,000 pairs. There are approximately 1.5 million breeding Manx Shearwaters in the worldContinue reading “Belonging…or what’s in a name? And can Manx Shearwaters understand Welsh?”

Badgers and the devil’s fungus.

Back in the summer I spent hours and hours in my local woods enjoying nature with all my senses. I was going through a strange time of huge transition in my life and this was my sanctuary. The sight of the green trees was soothing and the familiar path round the woods that I poundedContinue reading “Badgers and the devil’s fungus.”

Those Avaricious Avians!

You don’t get reporting like this anymore! A friend shared this video which got me reminiscing about those days of being woken up by the electric hum of the milk float and the clink of glass bottles on the doorstep. I reflected sadly how these days, many of us drive our petrol cars to theContinue reading “Those Avaricious Avians!”